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Celebridades de Holywood que são contra o Movimento e Casamento Gay - EUA começam a reagir à Ditadura Gay.


Alec Baldwin

Actor, Os Fantasmas se Divertem

Raven-haired, suavely handsome and prolific actor Alec Baldwin was born on April 3, 1958 in Massapequa, New York, and is easily the best-known of the four Baldwin brothers in the acting business (the others are Stephen Baldwin, William Baldwin andDaniel Baldwin). Alec burst onto the TV scene in the early 1980s with appearances on several series...

“ Newest member added to the list for his continuous homophobic language. ”- karloffornia-1


50 Cent

Soundtrack, Gigantes de Aço

Born in the South Jamaica section of Queens, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has lived in New York City all his life. Raised by his grandparents after his father ran out and his mother was shot when he was only eight. Growing up, the Queens rapper originally wanted to be a heavyweight boxer, but eventually fell back on rapping...

“ During the rash of gay suicides, he Tweeted:

"If you a man and your over 25 and you don't eat pu--y just kill your self damn it. The world will be a better place. Lol." ” - karloffornia-1


Trace Adkins

Self, The 2011 American Country Awards

Trace Adkins' trademark baritone has powered countless hits to the top of the charts and turned albums into Platinum plaques, selling over 10 million albums, cumulatively. The Grammy-nominated member of the Grand Ole Opry is a television personality, actor, author, spokesman for the Wounded Warrior Program, the American Red Cross and has performed seven USO Tours...

“ Is an outspoken opponent of Marriage Equality:

"Through civil unions, gay couples are welcome to all the legal benefits that married couples get. But please don’t call it marriage, okay? I know it’s just semantics, but words have meaning. And that’s where I draw the line — and that’s where I draw the line." ” - karloffornia-1


Adam Baldwin

Actor, Nascido Para Matar

“ Is an outspoken opponent of LGBT equality and is constantly updating his Twitter with Anti LGBT news. ” - karloffornia-1


Stephen Baldwin

Actor, Os Suspeitos

“ Is an outspoken opponent of LGBT equality and is an advocate for Ex-Gay therapy.

"I don’t believe that gay marriage is in line with God’s Word, which is found in the Bible. So, what I think doesn’t matter; what I believe is what’s in the Bible and the Bible says that gay marriage is not acceptable." ” - karloffornia-1


Brigitte Bardot

Actress, O Desprezo

Brigitte Bardot was born on September 28, 1934 in Paris, France. Her father had an engineering degree and worked with his father in the family business. Her mother was 14 years younger than Brigitte's father and they married in 1933. Brigitte's mother encouraged her daughter to take up music and dance...

“ In her book she made comparisons of her close gay friends to today's homosexuals, who "jiggle their bottoms, put their little fingers in the air and with their little castrato voices moan about what those ghastly heteros put them through" and that some contemporary homosexuals behave like "fairground freaks". ” - karloffornia-1


Bow Wow

Actor, Pequenos Grandes Astros

Shad Gregory Moss was born on March 9, 1987, in Columbus, Ohio. Shad never saw his father when he was growing up, and neither did his half-sister Erica, by his mother and her other husband. When he was five, he started his rap career using the nickname "Kid Gangsta." One year later, he took front stage during "The Chronic Tour" and impressed rapper Snoop Dogg...

“ In an interview he revealed how uncomfortable he gets around gays. He talked about a time where he needed a haircut and had his people go and find him a barber. But after noticing the barber was gay he told them that he didn’t want the haircut anymore.

His clarification of the story didn't fare very well either: ” - karloffornia-1


Chris Brown

Soundtrack, Ted

“ Uses homophobic slurs frequently and is unapologetic of the fact. Has also been arrested twice for Anti Gay Assaults. ” - karloffornia-1


Kirk Cameron

Actor, Prova de Fogo

He was born Kirk Thomas Cameron to Robert Cameron, a teacher, and Barbara Cameron, a homemaker. Though his parents, initially, did not project show business aspirations onto their children, a family friend in the business noted to Barbara that both Kirk and his sister, Candace Cameron Bure, were cute enough that they could easily pick up lucrative work in commercials...

“ Outspoken opponent of LGBT equality of any kind.

Explained that he believes homosexuality is "unnatural... I think that it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization." ” - karloffornia-1


Adam Carolla

Writer, The Hammer

Adam Carolla was born in Los Angeles but raised in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and later North Hollywood. His mother was a recipient of welfare with a degree in Chicano studies, his dad was a psychologist, and he got where he is today, he says, in spite of them. After Adam graduated from North Hollywood High School...

“ Went on a shocking anti-LGBT tirade on a podcast for his radio show.

He asked, "When did we start giving a sh*t about these [transgender] people?"

He also insisted the acronym LGBT should be dropped in favor of using "YUCK" instead. ” - karloffornia-1


Jim Caviezel

Actor, A Paixão de Cristo

Born on September 26, 1968 and growing up in Mount Vernon, Washington, acting was far from Caviezel's mind. After a foot injury in his sophomore year in college ended his dreams of becoming an NBA basketball professional, he became interested in acting. He auditioned for a small part as an Italian ticket agent in Gus Van Sant's Garotos de Programa...

“ Supporter of Rick Santorum, a very anti-LGBT senator. He also donated money to have him re-elected. ” - karloffornia-1


John Cena

Self, WWE Backlash

John Felix Anthony Cena or better known as John Cena, the WWE superstar was born on April 23rd, 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts. When he was in college, he played football. He then continued on to be a bodybuilder and a limousine driver. The 6-foot-1 tall star weighs exactly at 240 pounds and is a very successful superstar in the WWE...

“ Uses homophobic slurs frequently and is unapologetic of the fact. ” - karloffornia-1


Ann Coulter

Self, Fahrenhype 9/11

“ An outspoken opponent of LGBT Equality of any kind. ” - karloffornia-1


Jon Cryer

Actor, A Garota de Rosa-Shocking

“ Decried actors who come out of the closet. He also reasoned that if he knows an actor is gay, it’s impossible for him to believe said actor in a heterosexual role. ” - karloffornia-1


Tom Cruise

Actor, Top Gun: Ases Indomáveis

If you had told fourteen-year-old Franciscan seminary student Thomas Cruise Mapother IV that one day in the not-too-distant future he would be considered one of the top hundred movie stars of all time, he would have probably grinned and told you that his ambition was to become a priest. None the less...

“ Is known for being homophobic on film sets, sometimes to the point of making other actors uncomfortable. ” - karloffornia-1


Robert Davi

Actor, Duro de Matar

From his portrayal of James Bond villain Franz Sanchez to FBI profiler Bailey Malone in Profiler, Robert Davi is one of the film industry's most recognized tough guys, whether on the big screen or on television. His tough exterior masks a powerful inner sensitivity, which he calls upon for his most notorious roles...

“ Outspoken opponent of LGBT Equality and has done work with The Value Voter's Summit, an openly Anti LGBT conference. ” - karloffornia-1



Soundtrack, Velozes e Furiosos

“ Though written in 2003, he still stands by his blatantly homophobic song "Where The Hood At?".

His apology wasn't much help either. “I got half my *beep* family is f*ggots. I mean gay. My aunts are dykes. I got a gay uncle.” ” - karloffornia-1


Mel Gibson

Actor, Coração Valente

Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson was born on January 3, 1956, in Peekskill, New York, USA as the sixth of eleven children to parents Hutton Gibson, a railroad brakeman, and Ann Gibson, who was born in Australia and died in December of 1990. Though born in the US, Mel and his family moved to New South Wales...

“ Homophobic and unapologetic of it.

"They take it up the a** ... this is only for taking a s***," he said at the time. "With this look, who's going to think I'm gay? I don't lend myself to that type of confusion. Do I look like a homosexual? Do I talk like them? Do I move like them?" ” - karloffornia-1



Soundtrack, Esquadrão Classe A

Jayceon Taylor was born on November 29, 1979 in Compton, California. He was born into a life of gang-banging and hustling. When later interviewed, Taylor, aka The Game says at a young age, he recalls seeing both of his parents preparing to do drive-bys. His father was a Nutty Block Crip and his mother a Hoover Crippelette...

“ Homophobic and unapologetic of it.

“Game has a problem with people that are pretending not to be gay and are gay because the number one issue with that is that you could be fooling somebody and you could give them AIDS and they can die and so that in the closet sh*t is real scary.” ” - karloffornia-1


CeeLo Green

Soundtrack, Kung Fu Panda

“ After a Minnesota music editor gave an episode of the hit series a lackluster review, he tweeted: "I respect your criticism, but be fair! People enjoyed last night! I'm guessing you're gay? And my masculinity offended you? Well f--k you!"

He attempted an apology that was more of a defense of his homophobic comments.

"What was homophobic about that? I said I was guessing he [was] gay which is fine but its nice to [know] what u think of me." ” - karloffornia-1


Jeremy Irons

Actor, O Rei Leão

Although the son of a tax consultant, young Jeremy didn't prove very fond of figures. A typical islander, he used to go to England only once a year. He wound up being grounded when his family settled down in Hertfordshire. At the age of 13 he enrolled in Sherborne School, Dorset, where he was very happy as he could practise his favorite sport...

“ Is anti-marriage equality and thinks it could lead to incest.

"But I see that what we had in England, which was not marriage but a union you could make if you were gay and you wanted to make a civil partnership. Same rights, not the name. It seems to me that now they’re fighting for the name and I worry that it means somehow we debase or we change what marriage is. I just worry about that. I mean taxwise, it’s an interesting one because, you see, could a father not marry his son? … It’s not incest between men. Incest is there to protect us from inbreeding, but men don’t breed so incest wouldn’t cover that. So if that were so, then if I wanted to pass on my estate without death duties, I could marry my son and pass on my estate to him.” ” - karloffornia-1


Victoria Jackson

Actress, UHF

Victoria was raised in a Bible-believing, piano-playing, gymnastic home with no TV. Her dad was a gym coach, so she competed in gymnastics, from age 5 to age l8. Was a cheerleader, and a homecoming queen. Attended Florida Bible College; received gymnastic scholarship to Furman University, attended Auburn University one year and ended up in Hollywood...

“ Anti-LGBT equality of any kind.

Also infamous for her column in WorldNetDaily , where she wrote a negative response to a same sex kiss on the TV show 'Glee'.

"Did you see "Glee" this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians - again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of "Glee" - what's your agenda? One-way tolerance?" ” - karloffornia-1


Lord Jamar

Actor, Morning Breath

“ Is homophobic, and supports hip-hop being homophobic. ” - karloffornia-1


Angus T. Jones

Actor, Desafio do Destino

“ Decried "filth" in television and now works with Rev. Christopher Hudson, a seventh-day Adventist youth minister who is very anti-gay. ” - karloffornia-1


Jeff Kent

Self, Dead Man Walking

“ Is against Same Sex Marriage and donated $15,000 to support California's Proposition 8. ” - karloffornia-1


Jerry Lewis

Actor, O Professor Aloprado

Jerry Lewis (born March 16, 1926) is an American comedian, actor, singer, film producer, screenwriter and film director. He is known for his slapstick humor in film, television, stage and radio. He was originally paired up with Dean Martin in 1946, forming the famed comedy team of Martin and Lewis. In addition to the duo's popular nightclub work...

“ Used a homophobic slur on live television. Apologized. The next year, did it again, but declined to comment. ” - karloffornia-1


Vic Mignogna

Actor, Água Negra

“ Tough to put this guy on the list because he actually seems legit ignorant of his ignorance. Despite claiming to have no problem with 'homosexuals', he has admitted he will not sign yaoi because it makes him feel 'uncomfortable' and the idea of of his characters being gay disturbs him. ” - karloffornia-1


Tracy Morgan

Actor, Tiras em Apuros

“ Went on a shocking anti LGBT tirade in his stand up. ” - karloffornia-1


Chuck Norris

Actor, Os Mercenários 2

Chuck Norris attended North Torrance High School from its inception in September, 1955 until his graduation in June, 1958. He is one of several storied alumni from the school. Other NHS alumni include Bob Hite (1943-1981), who was the lead singer of "Canned Heat," Chris Demaria, who was a professional baseball player in the Kansas City Royals and Milwaukee Brewers organizations...

“ An outspoken opponent of LGBT Equality of any kind. ” - karloffornia-1


Bill O'Reilly

Self, Episode dated 4 December 2007

Political Commentator Bill O'Reilly was born on September 10th 1949 in New York City. He was born into a classic Irish Catholic family and attended private catholic schools. O'Reilly attended Marist College and studied history. Bill was also in the football club as a punter and wrote for the school newspaper...

“ Is against Marriage Equality, as well as select LGBT causes.

"To this culture warrior, gay marriage is not a vital issue. I don't believe the republic will collapse if Larry marries Brendan. However, it is clear that most Americans want heterosexual marriage to maintain its special place in American society. And as long as gays are not penalized in the civil arena, I think the folks should make the call at the ballot box. Traditional marriage is widely seen as a social stabilizer, and I believe that is true." ” - karloffornia-1


Donny Osmond

Self, Donny & Marie

Donald Clark, or "Donny", Osmond was born to Olive Osmond andGeorge Osmond on December 9, 1957, in Ogden, Utah. He was the seventh of eight brothers and has one sister. When Donny was young, his family went to see Lawrence Welk in California. They were unable to meet with him so they decided to take a vacation to Disneyland...

“ Outspoken opponent of LGBT equality of any kind. ” - karloffornia-1


Bristol Palin

Self, Week 3: The Results

“ Outspoken opponent of Marriage Equality. ” - karloffornia-1


Carrie Prejean

Self, Episode dated 10 November 2009

“ Outspoken opponent of Marriage Equality. ” - karloffornia-1



Soundtrack, Batman

Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota to mother jazz singer, Mattie Shaw and to father lyricist and pianist, John L. Nelson. Prince's parents separated during his youth which lead him to move back and forth. Prince had a troubled relationship with his step-father which lead him to run away from home...

“ Is Anti LGBT equality of any kind. ”- karloffornia-1


Mickey Rooney

Actor, O Cão E a Raposa

Mickey Rooney was born Joe Yule Jr. on September 23, 1920 in Brooklyn, New York. He first took the stage as a toddler in his parents vaudeville act at 17 months old. He made his first film appearance in 1926. The following year, he played the lead character in the first Mickey McGuire short film. It was in this popular film series that he took the stage name Mickey Rooney...

“ Is Anti LGBT.

"If it's immorally wrong, it's not normal. Jesus Christ said the effeminate are an abomination to me. Are you aware of that? I don't watch the Ellen show. I wish her all kinds of luck. Except that I'm not a fan. But there are a lot of people who aren't fans of Mickey Rooney and you can't please everyone." ” - karloffornia-1


Mickey Rourke

Actor, O Lutador

Mickey Rourke was born Phillip Andre Rourke, Jr., in Schenectady, New York in 1952. When he was 6 years old, his parents, Ann and Phillip divorced. A year later, his mother married Eugene Addis, a Miami Beach police officer, and moved to Miami Shores, Florida. After graduating from Horace Mann Junior High School...

“ Has never apologized for using homophobic slurs. ” - karloffornia-1


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor, O Exterminador do Futuro

Growing up in a small, isolated village in Austria, he turned to bodybuilding as his ticket to a better life. Prior to that he served a mandatory one year in the Austrian military (beginning in 1965). After conquering the world as arguably the greatest bodybuilder who ever lived, he went to America to make his name in motion pictures...

“ The actor/ Governor has not had a good history with supporting LGBT persons. ”- karloffornia-1


Sherri Shepherd

Actress, Preciosa - Uma História de Esperança

Sherri was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. When she was 11, her family moved to suburb of Hoffman Estates. Her father, Lawrence was a food service manager at Sambos Restaurant; and her mom, LaVerne cleaned homes. Sherri started her stand-up career in 1990 while working in Beverly Hills as a legal secretary...

“ Quite ignorant when it comes to LGBT equality. ” - karloffornia-1


Kevin Sorbo

Actor, Espartalhões

Kevin spent 3 years traveling around the world, modeling for print ads and appearing in over 150 commercials, before landing in his breakout series Hércules. Kevin David Sorbo was born in Mound, Minnesota, on September 24, 1958. In high school, the "Sorbs" excelled at football, baseball and basketball; in college...

“ Outspoken opponent of LGBT Equality and often posts Anti LGBT articles on his official page. ” - karloffornia-1


Ben Stein

Self, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Ben Stein (Benjamin J. Stein) was born on Nov. 25, 1944 in Washington, D.C. The son of noted economist and writerHerbert Stein, he grew up in Silver Spring, Md., and attended Montgomery Blair High School. Some of his classmates included journalist Carl Bernstein, and actors Goldie Hawn and Sylvester Stallone...

“ LGBT persons are one of the many groups considered 'liberal' that Stein has attacked. ” - karloffornia-1


Fred Dalton Thompson

Actor, A Entidade

“ Is Anti LGBT Equality. ”- karloffornia-1


Donald Trump

Self, Amor à Segunda Vista

“ Outspoken opponent of Marriage Equality. ” - karloffornia-1


Jon Voight

Actor, Missão Impossível

“ Outspoken opponent of Marriage Equality. ” - karloffornia-1


Mark Wahlberg

Actor, Boogie Nights: Prazer Sem Limites

American actor Mark Wahlberg is one of a handful of respected entertainers who successfully made the transition from teen pop idol to respected actor. A Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee for Os Infiltrados who went on to receive positive critical reviews for his performance in O Vencedor, Wahlberg also is a solid comedy actor, proven by his starring role in Ted...

“ Is homophobic, and turned down a film role due to this. ”- karloffornia-1


Jimmie Walker

Actor, Esqueceram de Mim 2 - Perdido em Nova York

He symbolized the 70s American dream of success -- the former kid from the ghetto who rose to wisecracking TV superstardom. While in his element as the broadly strutting, gleamy-toothed J.J. Evans of the popular urban-styled sitcom Good Times, Jimmie Walker lived the extremely good life. Following the series' demise...

“ Is Anti Marriage Equality. ” - karloffornia-1


Denzel Washington

Actor, O Gângster

Denzel Washington was born in December 28,1954 in Mount Vernon, New York. He was the middle child of the 3 children of a Pentecostal minister father and a beautician mother. After graduating from high school, Denzel enrolled at Fordham University intent on a career in journalism. However, he caught the acting bug while appearing in student drama productions and...

“ Is Anti Marriage Equality and has given straight actors advice on not playing gay characters. ” - karloffornia-1


Isaiah Washington

Actor, Romeu Tem Que Morrer

“ **Possible subject for deletion**

Famously used an Anti Gay slur at the Golden Globes, and while he insists he never used and and refuses to "make amends", he also insists he is not anti-gay. ” - karloffornia-1


Lisa Whelchel

Actress, Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas

Lisa was born in Littlefield, Texas, USA. She is the daughter of James "Jimmy" and Virginia "Genny" Whelchel. Her parents divorced in 1981, and her mother married Roy Coleman in 1983. Whelchel is the oldest sister of James (Cody) Whelchel and half-brother, Casey Coleman. She was raised for most of her childhood in Fort Worth...

“ Is a supporter of Ex-Gay Therapy.

"if a person desires, it is possible to leave behind a homosexual lifestyle. I know this is true because I’ve seen it come true in the lives of many of my friends. Thousands have been helped, loved, and supported by websites such as Exodus [International] and the many ministries they recommend.” ” - karloffornia-1


Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

Actor, Top Gang! - Ases Muito Loucos

Hardly surprising that the son of concert violinist Efrem Zimbalist Sr. (1889-1985) and opera singer Alma Gluck (1884-1938) would desire a performing career of some kind. Born in New York City in 1918 and surrounded by people of wealth and privilege throughout his childhood, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. trained at both the Yale School of Drama and the Neighborhood Playhouse...


David Zucker

Producer, Corra Que a Polícia Vem Aí!


Ernest Borgnine

Actor, Meu Ódio Será Sua Herança

Ernest Borgnine was born Ermes Effron Borgnino on January 24, 1917 in Hamden, Connecticut. His parents were Charles who had emigrated from Ottiglio (AL), Italy and Anna who had emigrated from Carpi (MO), Italy. As an only child, Ernest enjoyed most sports, especially boxing, but took no real interest in acting...


Tony Curtis

Actor, Quanto Mais Quente Melhor

Tony Curtis was born Bernard Schwartz, the eldest of three children of Helen (Klein) and Emanuel Schwartz, Jewish immigrants from Hungary. Curtis himself admits that while he had almost no formal education, he was a student of the "school of hard knocks", and learned from a young age that the only person who ever had his back was himself...


Walt Disney

Producer, As Aventuras de Peter Pan

At age 16, during World War I, he lied about his age to join the American Red Cross. He soon returned home, where he won a scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute. There, he met a fellow animator, Ub Iwerks. The two soon set up their own company. In the early 20s, they made a series of animated shorts for the Newman theater chain...


Charlton Heston

Actor, Ben-Hur

With features chiseled in stone, who else but Charlton Heston could you picture as Michelangelo, as Ben-Hur, as Moses? Heston's movie career took off with O Maior Espetáculo da Terraand reached light speed with Ben-Hur. Although he has played a pantheon of larger-than-life roles, he usually prefers to talk about the day-to-day daily grind of the movie business...


Johnny Ramone

Soundtrack, Os Excêntricos Tenenbaums


Ronald Reagan

Actor, Em Cada Coração um Pecado

Ronald Reagan was a successful Hollywood actor who was president of the Screen Actors Guild, then turned politician and served two terms as Governor for California, then two terms as President of the United States of America. He owned a 688 acre ranch in the Santa Ynes valley, north of Santa Barbara that had been used for location shooting Hollywood movies...


Donna Summer

Soundtrack, Frost/Nixon

Donna Summer rocketed to international super-stardom in the mid-1970s when her groundbreaking merger of R&B, soul, pop, funk, rock, disco and avant-garde electronica catapulted underground dance music out of the clubs of Europe to the pinnacles of sales and radio charts around the world. Maintaining an unbroken string of hits throughout the 70s and 80s...


Glenn Beck

Self, Restoring Honor

Based in New York City, Glenn Beck is casting a tall shadow as the next phenomenon of talk radio. The former Top 40 DJ entered the talk format in 2001 and already his show is broadcast nearly 200 stations nationwide. Millions of listeners are drawn to this modern-day story teller who is armed with a quick wit...


Pat Boone

Self, The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Actor, singer, author and songwriter ("Exodus") Pat Boone was educated at David Lipscombe College, North Texas State College and Columbia University (from which he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1958). His career in entertainment began when he emceed a teenage talent show on radio and television in Nashville...


Anita Bryant

Self, Roger & Me


Orson Scott Card

Writer, Ender's Game - O Jogo do Exterminador

Orson Scott Card was born in Richland in the state of Washington. He has also lived in California, Arizona, and Utah. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons) and once served for two years in Brazil as a missionary for them. He received a degree from Brigham Young University in 1975 and a degree from the University of Utah in 1981...


Julia Child

Writer, Julie & Julia


Chris Engen

Actor, Dirty Dancing - Noites de Havana

Chris Engen is best known for his role of Adam Wilson on "The Young and the Restless". He began playing this role on February 12, 2008, and left around mid-may of the following year. After he was replaced, speculation arose that the actor left because he did not agree with the direction his character was going.


Rush Limbaugh

Self, Rush Limbaugh


Roland Martin

Self, 18th Annual Trumpet Awards


Patricia Mauceri

Actress, One Life to Live


Alan Osmond

Self, Disneyland After Dark


Manny Pacquiao

Self, Pacquiao vs. Hatton: The Battle of East and West

Voted "Person of the Year 2003" in Philippines, beating out President Arroyo for the award. Enjoys huge celebrity status in his native Philippines and therefore trains in the United States with trainer Freddie Roach at Wildcard Boxing Gym in Los Angeles, California. Formerly the champion of the OPBF...


Pat Robertson

Self, Don't Ask Me, Ask God


Laura Schlessinger

Self, Dr. Laura

As one of the most popular talk show hosts in radio history, Dr. Laura Schlessinger offers no-nonsense advice infused with a strong sense of ethics, accountability, and personal responsibility; she's been doing it successfully for more than 30 years, reaching approximately 8.25 million listeners weekly...


Michelle Shocked

Soundtrack, Bush's Brain


Phil Robertson

Self, Episode #21.40
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